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Fifty And Me

Editor Laurence Descamps

September 29, 2018

Front cover and interview with Orlando Hobechi about his modelling, his fitness regime, his photography and attitude to life in his fifties.

New model influencers over 50

Michaela Bellisario for Iodonna Italy

June 02, 2018

One is a prophet without honour in one’s country but I guess it’s not quite true in my case. Delighted to be featured with Maye Musk, Isabella Rossellini and Daphne Selfe in this @iodonna_it feature by Michaela Bellisario photo by @clara.parmigiani #greymodel #greycollective .

Amanda Cazalet exclusive interview sets the record straight

Jane Atkinson, The Sun

July 22, 2018

She said: “I never intended this to go into the public arena. I handled this with dignity and didn’t want to expose Madonna."


NB: Amanda Cazalet has never spoken to the Mail on Sunday on this matter, facts and quotes are taken out of context in that paper's coverage and images used from social media without copyright license permissions